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Local Area Services — Another Turn Used Books

Located nearby? No need to pack up or ship your items! Contact us to set up an appointment. We make house calls!

For Our Gilbertsville, PA, Neighbors

If you are located in or near Gilbertsville, Montgomery County, PA, and wish to have your gently-used items picked up, please contact us and we’ll set up an appointment. This offer is extended to our neighbors, whether you are an individual, business, or non-profit organization.

These appointments are not just for consignment arrangements; we also offer buyouts as well. You can even combine these two options for a unique arrangement. For more information about our contracts, visit Fundraising for Non-Profit Organizations or Consigning with Us.

Make the Appointment

It’s always a good idea to plan ahead for our appointment by preparing your selections before we get there. Take the time to place all of your items together so that you don’t have to rush through your house or building collecting them after we arrive. We have boxes and totes, so there’s no need for you to pack! We’ll need some room to do our paperwork and to set up our small, lightweight table-top scale and laptops.

Items Must Be in Gently-Used Condition

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Books & Textbooks: Dust jackets, if applicable, are in good condition. If there is writing or highlighting, it’s at a minimum. The more recent the textbook, the better, and if a CD was originally included with the textbook, it should also be present.
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Music & Videos: Audio CDs resell better than audio cassettes. DVDs and Blu-rays resell better than VHSs. Make sure the entire CD/DVD/Blu-ray package is present: case, liners, and notes. The CD/DVD/Blu-ray must play through. Sheet music must be free of marks and intact. Family and educational subject matter are preferred.
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Educational Toys & Aids: Completely intact and in good condition. Verify all of the cards, pieces, instructions, etc. are present and in working order. Computer and video games should be educational in nature, and their cases, liners, notes, and instructions should be present.

Appointment Request

Give us a call at 610-416-4402 or fill out the request form below:

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