Consigning with Us

Get a Return on Your Investment and Go Green with Another Turn Used Books

With Another Turn Used Books, you can get a return on your investment and "go green" at the same time.

You have a bunch of books that you’ve accumulated or inherited that you’d like to put on sale, but you don’t have the time or resources to manage selling them on your own. They’re in good condition and aren’t ready for the local recycling center or for an each-item-for-a-nickel garage sale. Give us the opportunity to serve you by consigning these items into our care.

Once you open your Another Turn Used Books account by completing our consignment agreement, we’ll create entries for each of your items in our search-engine-optimized, online catalog. In this catalog, your items will be virtually tagged with your Consignor ID (CID) so that you can view your own personal shop. For an example of how your personal shop will appear inside a blog post, see our Welcome post. Your personal shop will also be part of the entire online collection so that shoppers may order your items along with those from other consignors.

Our Physical Area of Service

We have several options for individuals who have a collection of books to sell. Not all of these options apply to those individuals outside of our physical area of service. We’re located in Gilbertsville, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, and serve the surrounding area (contact us if you’re nearby and would like an appointment). Even if you live outside this area, we can still list your consigned items if you ship your items to us (details on how to ship to us are included in Terms & Conditions and Contract documents described below).

Plans for Individuals

1. Basic Consignment

Our online store and eBay Seller Store are open to US-based individuals who wish to get a return on their investment and to “go green” through the reuse of their gently-used items. After all, giving these items another turn is what we’re all about.

Whether you live in our physical area of service or not, we’re ready to help you sell your items from our online store or from our eBay Seller Store. Depending on condition, supply, and demand, it’s possible some of these items will take a while to sell, but the rewards will be there when they do.

2. Book Sales to Benefit Non-Profit Organizations

We have plans for Fundraising for Non-Profit Organizations in which US-based non-profits obtain a dedicated section in our catalog. These pages are reached through the Fundraisers link on the gray navigation menu bar at the top of every page on the website.

If the US-based non-profit organization (NPO) that you support is not currently represented in our catalog, you have the option of creating a dedicated page in the catalog for them. Under this plan, you will donate your portion of the profits from the sales directly to your selected NPO, so instead of your check going directly to you, Another Turn Used Books will send it to your selected NPO and will send a notification to you for your records.

3. Buyouts

If you’re trying to clear an estate quickly or you’re desiring a more immediate return on your investment than what consigning may bring, please consider our buyout program. Depending on the size of your collection, we either review each item or make an offer for the entire lot after a brief sampling while in your presence. You’ll receive a check on the spot, and then we’ll pack up and haul away the items. Please note that this option is available to only those individuals who are physically in our area of service. Contact us to make an appointment.

Obtain the Terms & Conditions and Contract Documents

The Contract files are in PDF format and require the Adobe Reader. You may download this program for free:

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Use this form to request your copies of our Terms & Conditions and Contract documents. We will confirm your request before e-mailing the documents to you.

If you live nearby, please visit our Appointments page to schedule time for us to work together in person.

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Consign Gently-Used Items

Our catalog specializes in the following:

  • Books
  • Textbooks
  • Educational Toys and Aids

A more detailed list for these and other items can be found in our Terms & Conditions and Contract documents (above). The most important aspect to keep in mind is that these items must be in gently-used condition, which increases both their value and chances for quick sale.

While in our care, your consigned items remain your property. Should you decide to have any items returned to you, we’ll make arrangements with you to return these items according to the terms of our service contract.

Receive Payment When Items Sell

While your items are being sold, you’ll receive a monthly check for your percentage of the selling price. We also offer the option for you to receive your payment via PayPal. We’ll keep our percentage of the selling price as our commission for providing our services.

Our ultimate goal is that all three parties—you, the customer, and Another Turn Used Books—are satisfied with each transaction. If a customer decides to return an item, we’ll handle the details, while you’ll still collect from the original sale.

How Prices Are Set

Part of our service to you is taking the time to research and set the prices on your items so you don’t have to. The prices that we initially set for each item will be provided on your copy of the consignment contract that we’ll send to you once your shipment has been processed. We’ll keep in contact with you concerning your items, so providing your phone and e-mail information is important.