Why Buy a Used Textbook?

Actually this has a simple answer. To save money. A used textbook can sell for a substantial discount from the original price.

But, there are newer editions out there. Why shouldn’t I buy them? Actually this has a simple answer too. Most textbooks don’t change substantially between editions. Pages are rearranged, illustrations are moved, but the important information doesn’t change for a lot of subjects.

Take Algebra for example. The equation “a + a = 2a” hasn’t changed…ever. The words describing this equation in the textbook may change, the position on the page may change, but the actual idea behind the equation never changes.

So the real question is would you rather pay $146 for the latest edition of an Algebra textbook, or $47 for a used edition of an Algebra textbook?

We Have Gently-Used Textbooks

  • We clean all the textbooks we place in our catalog.
  • We do the research to make sure the price is reasonable.
  • We have secure checkout with PayPal.
  • We take returns and issue refunds on the purchase prices.
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