Valore Books Textbook Buyback Store

How Valore Books Textbook Buyback Program Works

Valore Books will evaluate your textbooks (based on ISBN) and determine if they would like to add them to their marketplace. If so, they will offer you a portion of their projected selling price. Their buyback offer depends on the number of copies currently in online marketplaces and other statistical data. It is possible that they will not make an offer at all.

If you choose to send your books to Valore Books, they’ll step you through the process of completing your request in a buyback shopping cart and give you a packing list and shipping label to print. Make sure you put your packing list in the box so that they can process your order quickly and accurately! Additionally, a well-packed box is always appreciated. You’ll get a tracking code so that you can follow your order. You can also request either a check or PayPal for your cash.

Embedded Buyback Store

Below you should see a Valore Books Textbook Buyback Store. If it does not appear, you may have an ad blocker turned on in your browser or there was a loading error. Click on this link to get directly to the store at the Valore Books website.