Eyewitness Books from Dorling Kindersley Offer Brilliantly-Colored Education

Dorling Kindersley’s Graphically-Rich Style Appeals to the Visual Learner If you haven’t had a chance to open one of Dorling Kindersley’s Eyewitness Books, you’re in for a brilliantly-colored surprise! These books have detailed articles that have been illustrated with visually-appealing, large color photos and illustrations, both of which are captioned for even further elaboration. Subjects [Read More…]

Auditory, Visual and Tactile Teaching Methods for Mathematics

Written by Sandy Polen, Veteran Homeschooling Dad Part 2 in Learning Styles Series No matter the grade, there is always time to adjust to your students’ learning methods. In my first Blog article, I discussed the need to determine what learning style both you and your students use to process course information. Now I’m going [Read More…]

2 Tricks to Easier Teaching – and Learning – in Your Home School

Written by Sandy Polen, Veteran Homeschooling Dad I Have to Teach! You’ve made the decision to home educate your child or children and have just come to the realization that you have to teach them Math, Science, English and Social Studies. Before you go off to curl up in the corner and whimper you need [Read More…]