Consignor Updates Shop to Include More Science Texts

What’s New in Consignor 2’s Shop Our Consignor has added some more books to the online catalog! The majority of these new items are related to the sciences and make valuable references. If you’re homeschooling, you might be interested in using these volumes as a foundation for your science curriculum. The following types of texts [Read More…]

New Consignor Shop – College-Level Physics, Math, Electronics and a Touch of Nostalgia

Introducing a New Consignor’s Shop! College-Level Physics, Math, Electronics, and Computer Engineering Technologically-minded students may appreciate this assortment of Physics, higher level Mathematics, Electronics, Electrical Engineering, and Computer Science selections. Although many of these volumes are from the early years of computer engineering, their contents hold value because of their presentation of foundational concepts. The [Read More…]