What’s New: Children’s Books from the Boyertown Community Library

Recent Additions to Our Catalog Our recent catalog additions include a group of children’s books from the Boyertown Community Library. The library uses donated books as part of their fundraising efforts to support their work within the community. Some of these are vintage items (30 years or older) and have rare library binding, which are [Read More…]

New Consignor Opens Store for Graduate, Technical, and Professional Studies

“Consignor 96” has opened a store on our website with books ranging from The Portfolios of Ansel Adams, fully illustrated with beautiful reprints of his famous photography, to Oxford Graduate Texts: Statistical Mechanics: Theory and Molecular Simulation. This store will contain hundreds of Technical, Professional, and Graduate level books with a smattering of Art, Biographies [Read More…]

You’re Invited to List – and Shop – in Our New eBay Seller Store

We’re excited to announce the opening of our eBay Seller Store, which places at auction select items from our consignors, making them available to buyers worldwide! What’s even more attractive is that there is no extra charge for listing these select items in our eBay Seller Store! For Our Consignors Whether you’re an individual or [Read More…]

Welcome to Another Turn Used Books

Welcome to Our Website! Another Turn Used Books LLC is run by the husband-and-wife team of Samuel and Debra Polen, residents of Gilbertsville, Pennsylvania, who homeschooled their son Stephen for all thirteen years of his primary and secondary education (K-12). Once Stephen finished high school, we had lots of educational material that could be reused, [Read More…]