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  • Hoops: Poems (Paperback)

    Hoops: Poems (Paperback)


    "[Jackson's] lines seem to throb and pulse with the rhythms of the city and the game. ... Jackson reminds readers that even in the decay of the city, there is much to see, to remember, much to appreciate." — Library Journal

  • Making the Most of College: Students Speak Their Minds (Hardback)

    Making the Most of College: Students Speak Their Minds (Hardback)


    "Making the Most of College is an excellent book which will be of practical help to students and teachers alike. It shows close attention to the ways students learn; what they tell the interviewers, the author's own experience, and that of other teachers together provide a rich account of the college experience. I will buy the book and use it, and be grateful to Richard Light for his sensitivity and creativity as a teacher, and a teacher of teachers." — Martin Trow, University of California, Berkely

  • The Volume Library - Book 1

    The Volume Library (2-Volume Hardback Set)


    "The Volume Library, which is revised and updated annually, was designed for interested, well-informed people—students and adults who need an authoritative reference book for their home book-shelves, and parents who want to keep abreast of the subjects their children are studying in school."—Preface