Military History Index

Military History

Military History Index

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14th Century: 1301-1400

15th Century: 1401-1500

16th Century: 1501-1600

17th Century: 1601-1700

18th Century: 1701-1800

George Washington - French and Indian War uniform

French & Indian War


Napoleonic Wars - Wellington at Waterloo

Napoleonic Wars


19th Century: 1801-1900

The President's House by George Munger (1814-1815) - Cropped

War of 1812


20th Century: 1901-2000

World War I - Uncle Sam Wants You

World War I


World War II - We Can Do It Poster

World War II


Cold War - Kennedy and Khrushchev

Cold War


Korean War - Helicopter

Korean War


Marines on Tank - Vietnam War

Vietnam War


21st Century: 2001-Present