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  • Elementary and Intermediate Algebra: Concepts and Applications, Fourth Edition (Hardback)

    Elementary and Intermediate Algebra: Concepts and Applications, Fourth Edition (Hardback)


    "Our goal, quite simply, is to help today's students both learn and retain mathematical concepts. To achieve this goal, we feel that we must prepare developmental mathematics students for the transition from 'skills-oriented' elementary and intermediate algebra courses to more 'concept-oriented' college-level mathematics courses. This requires that we teach these same students critical thinking skills: to reason mathematically, to communicate mathematically, and to identify and solve mathematical problems." — The authors in the Preface (page xiii)

  • Prealgebra, Fourth Edition (Paperback with CD)

    Prealgebra, Fourth Edition (Paperback with CD)


    "This updated version includes an increased emphasis on study and test preparation skills, increased attention to geometric concepts, and real-life applications." — K. Elayn Martin-Gay, Author, in the Preface

  • CliffsQuickReview: Algebra (Paperback)

    CliffsQuickReview: Algebra I (Paperback)


    Founded in 1958, CliffsNotes (originally Cliff's Notes) provides useful summaries for hundreds of items from classical literature to science and math. Although helpful in their subject matter, they are no substitute for reading the real book.

  • The Volume Library - Book 1

    The Volume Library (2-Volume Hardback Set)


    "The Volume Library, which is revised and updated annually, was designed for interested, well-informed people—students and adults who need an authoritative reference book for their home book-shelves, and parents who want to keep abreast of the subjects their children are studying in school."—Preface

  • Elementary Linear Algebra (Hardback)

    Elementary Linear Algebra (Hardback)


    "The text is designed to introduce some of the basic concepts and techniques of linear algebra and to make them accessible to freshmen and sophomores, many of whom are not mathematics majors." — Paul C. Shields, Author, 1967

  • Dynamics (Hardback + Supplemental Problems Booklet)

    Dynamics (Hardback + Supplemental Problems Booklet)


    "The challenge and responsibility of modern engineering practice demand a high level of creative activity which, in turn, requires the support of strong analytical capability. The subject of engineering mechanics, which includes statics and dynamics, constitutes one of the cornerstones of analytical capability, and all engineers should have a basic background in this field of study." — J. L. Meriam, Author

  • Saxon Algebra 1: An Incremental Development (Hardback)

    Saxon Algebra 1: An Incremental Development (Hardback; Home Study Kit)


    "Algebra is not difficult. Algebra is just different." — John Saxon

  • Frank Schaffer\'s Algebra for Everyday (Paperback)

    Frank Schaffer's Algebra for Everyday (Paperback)


    "Frank Schaffer's Algebra for Everyday is filled with a lot of handy, stimulating activities students can complete to learn some valuable algebra skills." — Introduction

  • Design-A-Study: Maximum Math (Paperback)

    Design-A-Study: Maximum Math (Paperback)


    "It is especially important to give meaning to the lessons, providing a broader base for the memory. Relate a skill to real life—money to earnings and allowance, averages to sports scores." — Kathryn Stout, B.S.Ed., M.Ed., Author

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