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Victor Hugo

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  • Ten Tales of Christmas (Paperback)

    Ten Tales of Christmas (Paperback)


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    "This book has special gifts for you—stories and poems to read under the Christmas tree." — From the back cover

  • CliffsNotes: Les Miserables [Hugo] (Paperback)

    CliffsNotes: Les Miserables [Hugo] (Paperback)


    Founded in 1958, CliffsNotes (originally Cliff's Notes) provides useful summaries for hundreds of items from classical literature to science and math. Although a helpful staple for the interpretation of literature for over 50 years, they are no substitute for reading the real book.

  • Les Miserables - Abridged Version with Movie Photos (Paperback)

    Les Miserables - Abridged Version with Movie Photos (Paperback)


    "It has therefore been desirable and possible to abridge the novel, to dispense with numerous lengthy digressions and to eliminate many a phrase, a sentence, a paragraph. By means of such cutting there emerges more clearly the moving, heroic life of a simple and good man." — James K. Robinson, Abridging Editor

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