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  • Introductory Signals & Circuits, First Edition (Hardback)

    Introductory Signals & Circuits (Hardback)


    "This book is intended to provide foundation concepts which are believed to have lasting significance and broad implications." — J.B. Cruz, Jr. and M.E. Van Valkenburg, Authors, 1967

  • Introduction to Integrated Circuits (Hardback)

    Introduction to Integrated Circuits (Hardback)


    "In this text we intend to introduce the main concepts that are needed to understand the operation of existing integrated circuits and their applications in basic information-processing circuits. Our concentration on integrated circuits (ICs) is justified by the fact that they are used wherever it is feasible to do so in modern electronic systems" — Victor H. Grinich and Horace G. Jackson, Authors

  • Electronic Circuits: Discrete and Integrated (Hardback)

    Electronic Circuits: Discrete and Integrated (Hardback)


    "The title of this text, Electronic Circuits: Discrete and Integrated, indicates that it will cover one particular facet of that tremendous field of endeavor known somewhat loosely today as electronics. ... Radio, television, computers, satellite communication systems, and automatic navigation systems are but a few types of electronic systems." — Introduction

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