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Life of William McKinley and Complete Story of his Assassination (Memorial Edition, Hardcover)

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"An authentic and official memorial edition, containing every incident in the career of the immortal statesman, soldier, orator, and patriot."—from the title page


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GOOD: The cover shows its age with some discoloration possibly caused by some embedded dirt. We did not try to remove this in fear of damaging the cover. The page edges show age through discoloration. The internal pages are yellowed from age. On page has a tear, but this does not impact the reading of the page.


This book contains a massive amount of information about the life and times of William McKinley. It has an in-depth coverage of his assassination and assassin, his life before the presidency, his time in office, and the events of his funeral. Each chapter has a related picture to support the story. There is also a large block of pictures in the front of the book including pictures of McKinley’s wife, mother, home in Canton Ohio and many more. Pictures are in black and white.

Table of Contents:

Chapter I – The Assassination of President McKinley.
Chapter II – President McKinley’s Fight for Life.
Chapter III – Deathbed Scene of President McKinley.
Chapter IV – The Story of the Assassin.
Chapter V – Emma Goldman, Woman Leader of Anarchists.
Chapter VI – Anarchism and its Objects.
Chapter VII – Scenes at Buffalo Following the Assassination.
Chapter VIII – Days of Anxiety and Sorrow.
Chapter IX – President McKinley’s Last Speech.
Chapter X – William McKinley’s Boyhood.
Chapter XI – McKinley as a Soldier in the Civil War.
Chapter XII – McKinley in Congress.
Chapter XIII – McKinley’s Life was Protection’s Era.
Chapter XIV – McKinley as Governor of Ohio.
Chapter XV – McKinley as a Campaigner.
Chapter XVI – Governor McKinley’s Financial Troubles.
Chapter XVII – McKinley’s Loyalty to Sherman, Blaine and Harrison.
Chapter XVIII – First Nomination fro President.
Chapter XIX – The Great Campaign of 1896.
Chapter XX – The Spanish War Cloud.
Chapter XXI – McKinley’s Own Story of the Spanish-American War.
Chapter XXII – McKinley and Expansion.
Chapter XXIII – Second Presidential Nomination and Election of McKinley.
Chapter XXIV – President McKinley and the Chinese Crisis.
Chapter XXV – McKinley: Builder of a World Power.
Chapter XXVI – Private Life of William McKinley.
Chapter XXVII – McKinley’s Eulogy of Lincoln.
Chapter XXVIII – President Roosevelt Takes the Oath of Office.
Chapter XXIX – Great Events of the World During President McKinley’s Administration.
Chapter XXX – The Funeral Service at Buffalo.
Chapter XXXI – Lying in State at Buffalo.
Chapter XXXII – The Funeral Train to Washington.
Chapter XXXIII – The Last Night in the White House.
Chapter XXXV – Lying in State at the Capitol.
Chapter XXXVI – The Assassin Arraigned.
Chapter XXXVII – The Sad Journey to Canton.
Chapter XXXVIII – Canton Bathed in Tears.
Chapter XXXIX – Funeral Services in all Churches.
Chapter XL – Canton’s Farewell to McKinley
Chapter XLI McKinley Laid at Rest.
Chapter XLII Nation Observes Burial Day.
Chapter XLIII – Assassinations of Lincoln and Garfield.


Author: Everett, Marshall
Marshall Everett
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