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In our catalog, we consider an item as “vintage” when it is 30 years or older. We’ve grouped our books and textbooks under this category based on their physical ages (i.e., dates of publication, not necessarily that of copyright). Some of these items may be considered collectible for any number of reasons, such as they are now out of print or they are first editions, while others may still hold value and usability today, such as math textbooks.

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  • Introduction to Integrated Circuits (Hardback)

    Introduction to Integrated Circuits (Hardback)


    "In this text we intend to introduce the main concepts that are needed to understand the operation of existing integrated circuits and their applications in basic information-processing circuits. Our concentration on integrated circuits (ICs) is justified by the fact that they are used wherever it is feasible to do so in modern electronic systems" — Victor H. Grinich and Horace G. Jackson, Authors

  • Electronic Components and Measurements (Hardback)

    Electronic Components and Measurements (Hardback)


    "The purpose of this text is to provide the student with familiarity with basic electronic components and sufficient understanding of modern measurement equipment and techniques that he may intelligently undertake experimental investigations." — Preface, 1969

  • Electronic Circuits: Discrete and Integrated (Hardback)

    Electronic Circuits: Discrete and Integrated (Hardback)


    "The title of this text, Electronic Circuits: Discrete and Integrated, indicates that it will cover one particular facet of that tremendous field of endeavor known somewhat loosely today as electronics. ... Radio, television, computers, satellite communication systems, and automatic navigation systems are but a few types of electronic systems." — Introduction

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