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In our catalog, we consider an item as “vintage” when it is 30 years or older. We’ve grouped our books and textbooks under this category based on their physical ages (i.e., dates of publication, not necessarily that of copyright). Some of these items may be considered collectible for any number of reasons, such as they are now out of print or they are first editions, while others may still hold value and usability today, such as math textbooks.

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  • On Free Choice of the Will [by] Saint Augustine (Paperback)

    On Free Choice of the Will [by] Saint Augustine (Paperback)


    "As J. H. S. Burleigh has remarked in his recent study, we find in Augustine's De libero arbitrio 'a work which is the highwater mark of his philosophical writing.' Certainly Augustine continued to regard it highly as a medium for the expression of his ideas." — Anna S. Benjamin and L. H. Hackstaff, Translators in Translator's Introduction

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