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In our catalog, we consider an item as “vintage” when it is 30 years or older. We’ve grouped our books and textbooks under this category based on their physical ages (i.e., dates of publication, not necessarily that of copyright). Some of these items may be considered collectible for any number of reasons, such as they are now out of print or they are first editions, while others may still hold value and usability today, such as math textbooks.

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  • The Red Badge of Courage and Other Writings (Paperback)

    The Red Badge of Courage and Other Writings (Paperback)


    "Whereas some writers find the ultimate meaning of life in wholeness or peace, or in some image of organized social life, or in religious belief, Crane finds it in the behavior and the emotions of an individual in the midst of violence. When one has sensed Crane's almost mystical attraction to war and extreme individual terror, one may well conclude that the emotions involved were more important to Crane than the moral or spiritual significance of overcoming fear." — Richard Chase, Editor, in the Introduction

  • American Literature:Tradition and Innovation Vol. 1

    American Literature: Tradition and Innovation (Paperback 2-Volume Set)


    A collection of writings from some of the greatest American authors. Although some writings are excerpts others, such as Poe's The Raven and Ellison's The Invisible Man are the complete edition.

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