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Smart Apple Media: About Time

This 4-volume series is aimed at the young scientist who is interested in Calendars, Earth Time, Latitude & Longitude, and Measuring Time. Each volume examines the history of time measurement and the science, math, and technology behind it.

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  • About Time: Measuring Time (Hardback)

    About Time: Measuring Time (Hardback)


    "With the Industrial Revolution and the dawn of the factory age in the 19th century, everyday life became ruled by time." — Introduction (page 5)

  • About Time: Calendars (Hardback)

    About Time: Calendars (Hardback)


    "This book takes a look at how some early calendars were made, and how we ended up with the calendars we use today. It explains why we have a New Year and other special days, and why calendars have sometimes caused not only puzzlement but riots in the streets!" — Introduction (page 5)

  • About Time: Latitude & Longitude (Hardback)

    About Time: Latitude & Longitude (Hardback)


    "This book looks at how the clock came to the rescue of the sailors at sea, and how navigation became a science....Time turned out to be the key to finding the way—and returning safely." — Introduction (page 5)

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