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Grade 5

Items for fifth graders.

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  • Sadlier-Oxford: Vocabulary Workshop (Level Blue)

    Sadlier-Oxford: Vocabulary Workshop (Level Blue)


    Fundraiser Item

    From the Forward—"Level Blue contains 192 words selected on the basis of currency in present-day usage,frequency in recognized vocabulary lists and on standardized tests, and the latest grade-placement research."

  • English from the Roots Up, Volume 1 (Plastic Comb Binding)

    English from the Roots Up, Volume 1 (Plastic Comb Binding)


    "Just as we need to teach children the alphabetic components—sounds of individual letters or combinations of them—so that they can systematically decipher the words on a printed page, so we need to teach vocabulary from the beginning as a system of component parts—roots and affixes—that have been handed down to us in a remarkable degree of preservation from the Latin and Greek of ancient times." — Joégil Lundquist, Author

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