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Grade 2

Items for second graders.

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  • Kids Discover Magazine: Rain Forests 2 (Paperback) [1507]

    Kids Discover Magazine: Rain Forests 2 (Paperback) [1507]


    "Tropical rain forests contain the world's greatest treasures: countless species of plants and animals, oil, rubber, precious metals, and much, much more. Many of these riches already benefit the human race, in the form of medicines, food, and industrial products, and many others are yet to be discovered." — from "Earth's Paradises" (page 2)

  • Kids Discover Magazine: Wetlands (Paperback)

    Kids Discover Magazine: Wetlands (Paperback)


    "Because they occur at the intersection of two different worlds—wet and dry—wetlands are rich in plant and animal life. For the same reason, they also harbor some deep human mysteries." — from "Wild and Wondrous Wetlands" (page 3)

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