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Grade 11

Items for eleventh graders.

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  • Challenging Problems in Geometry (Softcover)

    Challenging Problems in Geometry (Softcover)


    "Designed for high school students and teachers with an interest in mathematical problem-solving, this volume offers a wealth of nonroutine problems in geometry that stimulate students to explore unfamiliar or little-known aspects of mathematics." — From the back cover

  • Merrill Geometry Applications and Connections (Hardback)

    Merrill Geometry Applications and Connections (Hardback)


    Not only does this textbook introduce your student to Geometry, but it also delves into using the LOGO and BASIC computer programming languages, graphing calculators, and spreadsheets. Examples of SAT and ACT problems are also included, as well as connections to other sciences, history, and art.

  • CliffsQuickReview: Geometry (Paperback)

    CliffsQuickReview: Geometry (Paperback)


    Founded in 1958, CliffsNotes (originally Cliff's Notes) provides useful summaries for hundreds of items from classical literature to science and math. Although a helpful staple for the interpretation of literature for over 50 years, they are no substitute for reading the real book.

  • Pentominoes: Puzzle Shapes to Make You Think (Book + Pieces)

    Pentominoes: Puzzle Shapes to Make You Think (Book + Pieces)


    "If you take five squares of the same size and join them in every possible way, you get 12 different shapes. These shapes are called 'Pentominoes' and they form the basis of an enormous range of interesting puzzles and investigations." — Inside Front Cover

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