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Items in the Educational Magazines category include those magazines that are both educational and timeless. They provide in-depth information about a specific subject in Science, History, or Social Studies. These magazines make great foundations for unit studies, and in many cases, the publisher websites have companion educational materials.

If you use the Ages feature in the sidebar, be aware that an item will sort to its lowest age or grade level within the Educational Magazines category.

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  • Cobblestone: People With Disabilities (June 1989 Magazine Issue)

    Cobblestone: People With Disabilities (June 1989 Magazine Issue)


    "Since the 1960s, people with disabilities have slowly been brought into the mainstream of society because others have recognized that having a physical or mental impairment does not prevent someone from leading a productive life and being part of society." — From "The View From the Crow's Nest" (page 5)

  • Kids Discover Magazine: Samurai (Paperback)

    Kids Discover Magazine: Samurai (Paperback)


    "The private armies of the most powerful clans fought one another. The soldiers in these armies promised complete loyalty to the clan leader. These warriors called themselves samurai, or 'those who serve.' Soon, samurai armies became the most powerful forces in Japan." — from "Samurai & Shoguns" (page 6)

  • Kids Discover Magazine: Firefighters (Paperback)

    Kids Discover Magazine: Firefighters (Paperback)


    "When the alarm sounds, firefighters spring into action. Their special protective clothing is ready. Their equipment is right where it should be. There is not a moment to lose." — from "Fire!" (page 8)

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