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Items in the Educational Magazines category include those magazines that are both educational and timeless. They provide in-depth information about a specific subject in Science, History, or Social Studies. These magazines make great foundations for unit studies, and in many cases, the publisher websites have companion educational materials.

If you use the Ages feature in the sidebar, be aware that an item will sort to its lowest age or grade level within the Educational Magazines category.

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  • Cobblestone: The South As Perceived by Its Artists (February 1988 Magazine Issue)

    Cobblestone: The South As Perceived by Its Artists (February 1988 Magazine Issue)


    "The images of the South presented here are as varied as the people who created them. This issue offers a kaleidoscope of the region: Be sure to turn it slowly so you can study all of the colorful pictures." — From "The View From the Crow's Nest" (page 5)

  • Kids Discover Magazine: American Revolution (Paperback)

    Kids Discover Magazine: American Revolution (Paperback) [MC]


    "Conflict between the colonists and Britain escalated until, on April 19, 1775, armed revolt broke out." — from "Revolt!" (page 3)

  • Kids Discover Magazine: Pioneers (Paperback)

    Kids Discover Magazine: Pioneers (Paperback)


    "The pioneers you will read about here are not well known for their groundbreaking efforts, except maybe to their great-great-great-grandchildren. These are the thousands of pioneers who settled the American West. Proof of their determination and hard work is everywhere in the towns and cities they helped build." — from "Westward Ho!" (page 2)

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