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Discoveries Series from Weldon Owen

From the British publisher, Weldon Owen: “A stunningly illustrated series for children, covering the major subject areas of nature, science and technology, history and culture.

  • Wide range of exciting topics, including living things on land and in the sea, great creatures and civilisations of the past, extreme conditions and the furthest reaches of space
  • Packed with bold illustrations and photographs
  • Includes fact boxes and glossary pages”

There are 22 titles in this series.

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  • Discoveries: Weather (Softcover)

    Discoveries: Weather (Softcover)


    What are the strongest winds on Earth? Why would a tropical beach feel hotter than the Sahara Desert? How did Anders Celsius change the way temperature is measured? What is the coldest place on Earth? When are raindrops coloured red? The answers and more are contained in this brightly illustrated children's reference book.

  • Discoveries: Volcanoes & Earthquakes (Softcover)

    Discoveries: Volcanoes & Earthquakes (Softcover)


    This children's reference contains both color photos and illustrations documenting the history and science behind our unstable world's earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

  • Discoveries: Insects & Spiders (Softcover)

    Discoveries: Insects & Spiders (Softcover)


    "Insects are among the most successful creatures in the living world. ... More than a million species of insect have been identified, which means that they outnumber all other animal species put together." — From "The Great Success Story" (page 6)

  • Discoveries: Explorers & Traders (Softcover)

    Discoveries: Explorers & Traders (Softcover)


    One of the oldest towns in the world (7000 B.C.), Çatal Hüyük, in southern Turkey, became a busy trading center, especially due to its wealth in obsidian, a black volcanic glass used to make utensils and tools, even makeup mirrors. Read about the growth of trade and exploration in this generously illustrated children's reference.

  • Discoveries: Dangerous Animals (Softcover)

    Discoveries: Dangerous Animals (Softcover)


    "The world is full of dangerous animals with powerful weapons for capturing prey and fighting off predators." — From "Why are animals dangerous?" (page 6)

  • Discoveries: Ancient Egypt (Softcover)

    Discoveries: Ancient Egypt (Softcover)


    "The civilisation we call ancient Egypt started about 5,000 years ago, when the rule of the pharaohs began. They made Egypt a rich and powerful nation, admired throughout the ancient world." — From "Power of the Pharaohs" (page 8)

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