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Cornerstones Series from Birkhäuser

This series comes from Birkhäuser: “Cornerstones comprises textbooks that focus on what students need to know and what faculty should teach regarding various selected topics in pure and applied mathematics and related subjects. Aimed at aspiring young mathematicians at the advanced undergraduate to the second-year graduate level, books that appear in this series are intended to serve as the definitive advanced texts for the next generation of mathematicians. By enlisting only expert mathematicians and leading researchers in each field who are top-notch expositors with established track records, Cornerstones volumes are models of clarity that provide authoritative modern treatments of the essential subjects of pure and applied mathematics while capturing the beauty and excitement of mathematics for the reader. The Series Editors themselves are accomplished researchers with considerable writing experience, and seek to infuse each text with excellence and purpose through a collaborative, yet highly rigorous selection and reviewing protocol.” There are approximately 14 titles in this series.

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  • Classical Mechanics: Theory and Mathematical Modeling (Hardcover)

    Classical Mechanics: Theory and Mathematical Modeling (Hardcover)


    "Classical mechanics is a chief example of the scientific method organizing a 'complex' collection of information into theoretically rigorous, unifying principles; in this sense, mechanics represents one of the highest forms of mathematical modeling. This textbook covers standard topics of a mechanics course, namely, the mechanics of rigid bodies, Lagrangian and Hamiltonian formalism, stability and small oscillations, an introduction to celestial mechanics, and Hamilton-Jacobi theory, but at the same time features unique examples—such as the spinning top including friction and gyroscopic compass—seldom appearing in this context. In addition, variational principles like Lagrangian and Hamiltonian dynamics are treated in great detail." — From the back cover

  • Distributions: Theory and Applications (Hardback)

    Distributions: Theory and Applications (Hardback)


    This textbook is aimed at advanced undergraduate and graduate students in mathematics, theoretical physics, and engineering, who will find it a welcome introduction to the subject, requiring only a minimal mathematical background. The work may also serve as an excellent self-study guide for researchers who use distributions in various fields.

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