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This page is for our consignors to navigate quickly to their individual shops via their Consignor ID (CID). Non-profit organizations, you can navigate to your shops through the Fundraisers link in the gray navigation bar at the top of this page.

Consignors may be individuals or US-based non-profit organizations.


ATUB1 is the Consignor ID of Sandy and Debi Polen, the owners of Another Turn Used Books, who both grew up with the love of books and learning. The contents of the ATUB1 shop are mostly homeschooling materials that they used in the thirteen years of home educating their son Stephen (from Kindergarten all the way up to Graduation).


ATUB2’s shop contains primarily college-level mathematics, engineering, and computer science texts, but there are items included that are for younger students of science as well.


This consignor’s shop includes mostly collectibles.


ATUB4’s shop now has geography- and history-related items. These items make great educational references.


US-based non-profit organizations may open their own shops, as is the case with ATUB13, the library at Trinity Lighthouse Church in Royersford, Pennsylvania. The majority of these items are Christian in nature.


The Friends of the Boyertown Community Library (Pennsylvania) have opened their fundraiser shop as a US-based non-profit organization. Their shop contains a diversified collection from carefully-selected items. Some of these items may be ex-library books, while others were donated for fundraising purposes.


ATUB93’s consignment store focuses on Christian homeschooling curriculum for Grades 7 and up.


Consignor 96’s store not only contains reference books of interest to families, but it also contains collections of interest to professionals in advanced fields such as mathematics, cartography, physics, computer science, chemistry, and more. Those who are in graduate school may also appreciate the highly-specialized publications.


Consignor 180’s collection consists of books from an ongoing downsizing project. Offerings will include both fiction and nonfiction titles.


Consignor 181 is the Boyertown Area Historical Society. Their catalog selections include several vintage books, some of which are over 100 years old.

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