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Items in the Books category might be assigned on reading lists, but are not in and of themselves “educational.” Here you’ll find biographies, fiction, non-fiction, children’s books, and other such publications.

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  • The Rime of the Ancient Mariner (Hardback)

    The Rime of the Ancient Mariner (Hardback)


    "How a Ship having passed the Line was driven by storms to the cold Country towards the South Pole; and how from thence she made her course to the tropical Latitude of the Great Pacific Ocean; and of the strange things that befell; and in what manner the Ancyent Marinere came back to his own Country." — From "Argument"

  • Hoops: Poems (Paperback)

    Hoops: Poems (Paperback)


    "[Jackson's] lines seem to throb and pulse with the rhythms of the city and the game. ... Jackson reminds readers that even in the decay of the city, there is much to see, to remember, much to appreciate." — Library Journal

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