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Items in the Books category might be assigned on reading lists, but are not in and of themselves “educational.” Here you’ll find biographies, fiction, non-fiction, children’s books, and other such publications.

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  • Cathedral: The Story of Its Construction (Paperback)

    Cathedral: The Story of Its Construction (Paperback)


    "This marvelous book recreates the building of a French Gothic cathedral, from the hewing down of half of a forest to the placement of the ast sheet of lead on the spire. Macaulay uses voluminous knowledge and pen-and-ink sketches, accompanied by a brief, clear narrative ... By changing his viewpoint, he powerfully conveys the immense rook-filled heights of the cathedral." — Time Magazine

  • City: A Story of Roman Planning and Construction (Paperback)

    City: A Story of Roman Planning and Construction (Paperback)


    "The superb design, magnificent illustrations, and clearly presented information that distinguish all of David Macaulay's books is nowhere more evident than in this marvelous creation of the imaginary Roman city of Verbonia." — Houghton Mifflin Company, Publisher

  • Pyramid (Paperback)

    Pyramid (Paperback)


    "Riveting, entertaining and instructive ... Will undoubtedly find favor among young and old." — Publishers Weekly

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