Curriculum Choices

Apologia Science

This series of Christian science texts begins in Kindergarten and takes the student all the way to the 12th Grade and into first-year university-level studies. We began using the middle school textbook, Exploring Creation with General Science, in the 5th Grade, before the elementary texts were available. It should be noted that your child needs to be up to 7th Grade math to use the next textbook in the middle-school series, Exploring Creation with Physical Science.

We have a brief overview of the Apologia textbooks in our blog article “Apologia Science Curriculum Encourages Independent Study.”

Saxon Math

We found that the repetitive and revisiting nature of Saxon Math was the best method to teach Stephen. Eventually, he did his lessons on his own, solving each and every problem in all of the lessons. We didn’t “discover” Saxon Math until the “65” textbook, but once we started, we took the series all the way through to Calculus. The Calculus book is designed for two years of study, and Stephen kept it as a reference for when he began college. (Visit our catalog for current Saxon Math offerings.)

History Curriculum

The two primary history curriculum that we used from Grades 3-9 is chronicled in our 3-part series “How We Put Together Our History Lesson Plans.” Both of these curriculum were written by homeschoolers for homeschoolers:

Greenleaf Press History Curriculum by Rob and Cyndy Shearer – The series starts at Creation with The Greenleaf Guide to Old Testament History and ends with Famous Men of the Renaissance & Reformation. The Shearers have put together additional books from other publishers to complete their sequence to modern times.

The Story of the World by Susan Wise Bauer of Peace Hill Press – This is a four-volume set that includes supplemental materials, such as audio recordings of the stories, activity books, and test books. The series starts with “the earliest nomads” and ends with “the end of the USSR.”