What’s New: Lost Civilizations from Time-Life Books

About the Series From the Editors of Time-Life, the Lost Civilizations series was designed to bring back to vivid life the ancient and “lost” civilizations that helped to shape the world we currently live in. The results of archaeological investigations, including pictures of actual artifacts, make these volumes wonderful references if you’re studying ancient civilizations [Read More…]

Dragons — Monsters of Myth

Dragons European Style Dragon Dragons can be found throughout history from the Chinese Dragons of 3,000 BC to today’s Komodo Dragons of Indonesia. Legends of Dragons come from Australia, Japan, China, India, the European mainland, England and even America. Dragons take on many forms from the worm-like four legged dragons of Chinese legend to the [Read More…]

What’s New: The Locket Trilogy by Richard Paul Evans

We’ve added the three books in The Locket series by award-winning author Richard Paul Evans to our catalog: The Locket, The Looking Glass, and The Carousel. These books are hardcovers with dust jackets and all three are in very good condition. They are fundraiser items for the Boyertown Community Library. The stories of The Locket [Read More…]

What’s New: School and Office Supply Store from Amazon.com

We’ve added a new School & Office Supply Store provided through our affiliate Amazon.com. You’ll see all the educational supplies carried by Amazon.com and its third-party sellers conveniently located on our website. Whether you’re a parent, student, or teacher, there’s bound to be something in this specialty store that you’ll need for going back to [Read More…]

What’s New: Children’s Books from the Boyertown Community Library

Recent Additions to Our Catalog Our recent catalog additions include a group of children’s books from the Boyertown Community Library. The library uses donated books as part of their fundraising efforts to support their work within the community. Some of these are vintage items (30 years or older) and have rare library binding, which are [Read More…]

Featured Series: Mathematica GuideBooks by Michael Trott

What is Mathematica®? “Mathematica is today’s most advanced technical computing system,” explains Springer, the publisher of this series of four GuideBooks that were written by Michael Trott. “It features a rich programming environment, two- and three-dimensional graphics capabilities and hundreds of sophisticated, powerful programming and mathematical functions using state-of-the-art algorithms. Combined with a user-friendly interface, [Read More…]

Do You Like to Hike? We’ve Got Guide Books Just for You!

Are you planning a hiking trip for the summer? We’ve added several hiking guide books to our online catalog just for you! The majority of these guide books are for Pennsylvania and New Jersey (our “neck of the woods”), but we’re still adding titles, so come back to see what we’re offering. These guide books [Read More…]

What’s New: ‘Discoveries’ Children’s Reference Series

In the large graphic style popularized by Dorling Kindersley and Usborne, London-based publisher Weldon Owen has created a series of children’s reference books designed to “capture the imagination and stimulate curiosity” in its young readers. We’ve just added some of these hard-to-find references to our online catalog, making them available to our customers not only [Read More…]

What’s New: Mysteries of Sparrow Island Series from Guideposts

We’ve added several titles from the popular Christian fiction series, Mysteries of Sparrow Island, featuring the lives of Abigail “Abby” Stanton and her family who live on Sparrow Island located in the San Juan Islands of Washington state. Abby’s an ornithologist who studied at Cornell University in New York, but has returned home to Sparrow [Read More…]

What’s New: Tales from Grace Chapel Inn Series from Guideposts

We’ve added several titles from the popular Christian fiction series, Tales from Grace Chapel Inn, featuring the lives of Jane, Louise, and Alice Howard, three sisters who have turned their childhood home into a bed and breakfast. Many interesting guests visit the inn, as well as make an impact on the small community of Acorn [Read More…]

Sharing the Beauty of American Sign Language

By Debi Polen Growing Up with the Love of Signing When I was a young teen, my sister and I devised a way to communicate secretly: we learned the alphabet to American Sign Language (ASL). It was all for fun for us to “fingerspell,” but my grandmother saw when we signed a “G” that we [Read More…]

Eyewitness Books from Dorling Kindersley Offer Brilliantly-Colored Education

Dorling Kindersley’s Graphically-Rich Style Appeals to the Visual Learner If you haven’t had a chance to open one of Dorling Kindersley’s Eyewitness Books, you’re in for a brilliantly-colored surprise! These books have detailed articles that have been illustrated with visually-appealing, large color photos and illustrations, both of which are captioned for even further elaboration. Subjects [Read More…]