Today in History: ‘Ben-Hur’ Wins 11 Academy Awards

This day (April 4) in 1960, the epic movie Ben-Hur collects 11 Oscars at the 32nd Annual Academy Awards ceremony! Based on the novel Ben-Hur: A Tale of The Christ, written by Lew Wallace and published in 1880, this lengthy film of three hours and 32 minutes was the most expensive made up to that [Read More…]

Today in History: Patrick Henry’s Famous “Liberty or Death” Speech

Is life so dear, or peace so sweet, as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it, Almighty God! I know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me liberty or give me death! — Patrick Henry, Second Virginia Convention, March 23, 1775 These words were the [Read More…]

Today in History: ‘The Scarlet Letter’ Is Published

March 16, 1850, was the day that Nathaniel Hawthorne’s now-classic novel The Scarlet Letter, a story about adultery and betrayal in colonial America, was published. Born in Salem, Massachusetts, in 1804, Hawthorne was influenced by the town’s witchcraft past, which he included in a few of his other works: “Young Goodman Brown” (1835) and The [Read More…]

Today in History: President Kennedy Establishes the Peace Corps

Throughout the world the people of the newly developing nations are struggling for economic and social progress which reflects their deepest desires. Our own freedom, and the future of freedom around the world, depend, in a very real sense, on their ability to build growing and independent nations where men can live in dignity, liberated [Read More…]

Today in History: DNA’s Structure Revealed

On the morning of February 28, 1953, Cambridge University scientists James D. Watson and Frances H.C. Crick announced that they had determined the double-helix structure of DNA, the molecule containing human genes. The two shared a Nobel Prize with Maurice Wilkins in Physiology or Medicine in 1962. Also contributing to the discovery, but dying before [Read More…]

Today in History: Howard Carter Opens King Tut’s Burial Chamber

Today (February 16) in 1923, English archaeologist Howard Carter opened the burial chamber of Egypt’s now-famous King Tutankhamen, popularly known as King Tut, in Thebes, Egypt. Tut lived around 1400 BC and died while still a teenager. Even with such a short time as ruler, as a pharaoh — considered by his people to be [Read More…]

Dragons — Monsters of Myth

Dragons European Style Dragon Dragons can be found throughout history from the Chinese Dragons of 3,000 BC to today’s Komodo Dragons of Indonesia. Legends of Dragons come from Australia, Japan, China, India, the European mainland, England and even America. Dragons take on many forms from the worm-like four legged dragons of Chinese legend to the [Read More…]

Pilgrims, Plymouth, and Thanksgiving

To celebrate the United States holiday of Thanksgiving, we’re featuring the products we currently have in our catalog that cover the Pilgrims, their colony Plymouth, and the first recorded Thanksgiving feast that was held in 1621 that led to our national tradition. Keywords:

The Weather Outside Is Frightful

We’re located in Eastern Pennsylvania and are currently experiencing some of the coldest temperatures on record (yet, not quite record-breaking). So, we thought that it might be interesting to focus on weather and the books we have that cover this topic. When we’re teaching our young students, we often use two terms: Climate and Weather. [Read More…]

Transcontinental Railroad

On May 10, 1869, the Transcontinental Railroad was completed, connecting the East and the West and making the rapid growth of the country possible. The Last Spike, or the Golden Spike, was driven in Promontory, Utah, where the Union Pacific and Central Pacific railroads met. It used to take months to get to California from [Read More…]

African American History

In honor of African American History Month (February), we’ve put together a mini-catalog of the titles that expand on the subject, including the pivotal Civil War. The contents of the mini-catalog will change as our catalog changes. Mini-Catalog for African American History Month These are the titles we have currently in our catalog. If you’ve [Read More…]

United States of America

If you’re studying United States history or state history, this index into our catalog may be helpful. The mini-catalog that we’ve compiled is of “American History,” but if you’re interested in the history of a particular state, the index below will give you a jumping off point. The item may be a state history book [Read More…]