Prepare for the New Hobbit Movie with These Tolkien Selections

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Are you excited about Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey that’ll be opening on Friday, December 14, 2012? Ian McKellen reprises his role of Gandolf from The Lord of the Rings trilogy, and there are many more new and returning characters.

The Hobbit is sequentially the beginning of the epic saga of Bilbo Baggins, The Hobbit himself, who goes on an adventure that changes the destiny of many peoples and lands.

J.R.R. Tolkien began this classic adventure as stories for his children. They are full of fantasy, wonder, and hope, even when things seem insurmountable and hopeless.

In our eBay Seller Store, we have a collectible 1978 Gold Box Set that contains the four books in the series (The Hobbit, The Fellowship of the Ring, The Two Towers, and The Return of the King). These books are special because their covers were designed by Tolkien himself! This item is up for auction starting today. Make sure to visit the listing for more pictures and details.

Below is listed all of the Tolkien-related selections that we have here in our online catalog.


Update: This Box Set Sold, But There Are Others

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Tolkien Mini-Catalog

These are the Tolkien-related items that we currently have in our catalog. If none are listed, that means we’ve sold out! If you’ve got items that you’d like to be listed here, please consider consigning with us.


  • The Hobbit (Paperback)

    The Hobbit (Paperback)


    "This stirring adventure fantasy begins the tale of the Hobbits that was concluded by J. R. R. Tolkien in his bestselling epic The Lord of the Rings."—From the Back Cover

  • The Rise of Tolkienian Fantasy (Paperback)

    The Rise of Tolkienian Fantasy (Paperback)


    "The Rise of Tolkienian Fantasy avoids the limitations of most books on Tolkien. Where critics generally squeeze him into a single mold, Lobdell gives the reader a rich, sweeping, and far more valid picture of the inspirations and sources that lie behind Tolkien's work." — Marjorie J. Burns, author of Perilous Realms: Celtic and Norse in Tolkien's Middle-earth

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