You’re Invited to List – and Shop – in Our New eBay Seller Store

Auctions in Our eBay Seller StoreWe’re excited to announce the opening of our eBay Seller Store, which places at auction select items from our consignors, making them available to buyers worldwide! What’s even more attractive is that there is no extra charge for listing these select items in our eBay Seller Store!

For Our Consignors

Whether you’re an individual or non-profit organization, you may benefit from having some of your consigned items put up for auction in “the world’s largest online marketplace.” We’ll work with you to determine which of your items may best sell in this unique marketplace. Although selling on eBay means additional costs to us, we do not charge for this service. We do, however, reserve the right to choose which items are listed.

Our consignment agreements have been updated to include eBay auctions. You might also be glad to hear that we’ve eliminated return fees from all of our contracts, which increases a consignor’s net profit from the items that do sell! You can use our new agreements by requesting them from the Consigning with Us (for individuals) and the Fundraising for Non-Profit Organizations sections of our website.

For Our Shoppers

For our shoppers, we’ve kept our auctions separate from the rest of our online catalog, which still contains the majority of our listings for gently-used books, textbooks, educational toys, educational aids, music, educational magazines, and professional publications. You may visit our eBay Seller Store by clicking on the eBay button in the upper right corner of our website, or by selecting “Our eBay Auctions” on the far right of the gray navigation menu at the top of each page of our website.

About eBay

eBay was founded in 1995 and has had a staggering impact on ecommerce. According to the company’s information page [as of this writing], “in 2011, the total value of goods sold on eBay was $68.6 billion — more than $2,100 every second.”

We’ve Also Joined the eBay Partner Network

As members of the eBay Partner Network, we’ll be integrating more eBay links into our website that will give you more purchasing options if we have sold out of a featured item or have recommendations for supplemental or companion items to what we currently have in our catalog. If you choose to use these links, be aware that eBay rewards members of the eBay Partner Network with commissions based on performance. These commissions are at no extra cost to you. We’d like to thank you in advance for considering our website as the one to receive these referral commissions.

About ATUB

Another Turn Used Books specializes in gently-used books, textbooks, educational magazines, and educational toys and aids for the benefit of avid readers, homeschoolers, educators, and students. Our online bookstore is built through consignment. We also offer several fund-raising options for non-profit organizations.

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