Introducing “Series” and “Complete Sets” Departments

A Few More Ways to Shop Our Catalog

We’ve just added two more ways to shop our expanding online catalog! We’d like to introduce our new departments “Series” and “Complete Sets.”

These new departments join the “On Sale” department in the new “Special Departments” option of our “Shop by Department” selection in the gray menu bar that is at the top of each page of our website.

If you select to view “All Catalog Items,” you’ll see that we’ve also added “Complete Sets,” “On Sale,” and “Series” to the “Browse by Department” feature box.

Products On Sale DepartmentThere are three Special Department choices in our “Shop by Department” menu: Complete Sets, On Sale, and Series.
Browse Our Shop by DepartmentWhile viewing “All Catalog Items,” you may select to narrow down your browsing by department. The Complete Sets, On Sale, and Series departments have been added.

The “Series” Department

Sample of a Series EntryEach series entry includes an image of a member of the series, a count of how many of the series are in our catalog, and a description of the series.

As operators of a used book business, we often run across single copies of items that belong in a series, are part of a set, or are part of a product line. After each item is placed in its regular category (Books, Textbooks, Educational Toys, Educational Aids, Music, Videos), it is compared to other items in the catalog to see if it should be grouped with them. For example, you’ll find Cornerstones of Freedom books under “Books” and “Series,” and you’ll find Kids Discover Magazine in “Textbooks” (because of their educational value) and also in “Series.”

The value of the “Series” department is realized by collectors who wish to complete their sets. If we know the number of items that make up the series, we’ll report that information in the Series’ description. We also provide a count of how many items we have in the series. You’ll see a warning come up for when we’ve reached “1 Item Remaining.” Once we sell all of the items that we have in a series, the series will not be listed on the Series catalog page, but it will still exist in case we get new arrivals.

Sample Product Details for a Member of a SeriesYou'll see a Series link in a product's detail page if it belongs to a series. Use this link to view a catalog page that contains all of the items in this series.

If you’re watching for a specific issue, book, or item in a series that we’ve indexed, make sure to bookmark its page and visit often.

If you’re interested in adding an RSS feed to your reader that will contain notifications of new arrivals to the series, click on the RSS icon to the right of the description to get to the feed’s page.

While viewing a product’s detail page, you’ll see the series listed in the product’s “Details” section. A link to the entire series is also provided so you can visit the series’ catalog page.

The “Complete Sets” Department

The new “Complete Sets” department includes a series or collection that we know is complete (at the time it was released). This department also includes box sets.

We deem an item a complete set if it is stated inside the publications themselves, or if it is well-known that the series has been completed by the author or brand.

Both the “Series” and “Complete Sets” departments have a link to each other on their pages, since they are closely related.

Other Changes to Our Website

What better place for you to see what we’ve just added to our catalog but our front page! We’ve added a feature box called “Recent Additions to Our Online Catalog” and situated it right below our introduction and slide show.

This new box displays the last five items that were added to our catalog. You can visit a new item’s product detail page by clicking on its large image, or you can select to “Shop Our Catalog” from the link in the lower right of the feature’s box.

Snapshot of Recent Additions Feature Box

We’ve Got More New Features Coming!

As we grow, we’ll be adding new features to both our website and services. We’re excited about our future expansion, and we look forward to meeting the needs of our customers, consignors, and non-profit organizations!

In the meantime, we hope you enjoy these new features as you shop our catalog!

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Another Turn Used Books specializes in gently-used books, textbooks, educational magazines, and educational toys and aids for the benefit of avid readers, homeschoolers, educators, and students. Our online bookstore is built through consignment. We also offer several fund-raising options for non-profit organizations.

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