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Consignor's Shop

Introducing a New Consignor’s Shop!

We’ve just put over 100 items into our catalog from a new consignor that consists of a mixture of interests:

  • Textbooks for an MBA Student
  • Puppy and Dog Care and Training
  • Explorations in Religion
  • The Effects of Alcoholism in the Family
  • Time Management and Self-Improvement
  • Healthy Nutrition, Exercise, and Mental Attitude
  • Historical, Suspense, Thriller, and Humorous Fiction
  • Biographies and True Stories

The doors are now open for you to shop in this consignor’s store!

If you have items you’d like to take from your own bookshelves to have listed here in our catalog, please contact us to get started. Opening your consignor’s shop here is free! Check our overview of consigning with us for details.

Consignor’s Catalog

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  • The Timechart of Military History (Hardback)

    The Timechart of Military History (Hardback)


    "Whether you are fascinated by the period from Sargon to Schwarzkopf, from Wallenstein to Waterloo, you will find something of interest in this fascinating timechart. At the very least, this book will help the reader to put any given conflict in the wider context of history and to put a clear perspective on our own relatively peaceful times, long may they last." — David G. Chandler in the Foreword

  • Compact Atlas of the World, Third Edition (Paperback)

    Compact Atlas of the World, Third Edition (Paperback)


    The Compact Atlas of the World is "invaluable for home, office, or school with over 60 state-of-the-art digital maps and country factfiles." — Front Cover

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