An Educator’s Guide to Another Turn Used Books

By Debi Polen

I remember spending nearly all of my summer break as a home educator planning lessons for the upcoming school year. After a few years of personal experience in home educating in Pennsylvania, I learned that it was best to begin early, such as in April, because many of the homeschooling curriculum fairs were scheduled in the spring.

There were some years, however, that didn’t allow me to plan early, so I found myself cramming the lesson planning into about a month before school was supposed to get started. If you’re in that same kind of crunch to complete your gap-filled lesson plans only a short time before the beginning of school, we here at Another Turn Used Books would like to give you an educator’s tour of our website so you can see how we’d be able to help you complete your plans.

Another Turn Used Books Is Designed with the Educator in Mind

After homeschooling for thirteens years, we had lots of materials left over that we wanted to sell. We could have placed the materials for sale in local homeschooling curriculum fairs, but since those occurred only once per year and had other restrictions, we decided to open an online store instead, which made our items available to a wider audience every day. We also offered other homeschoolers the opportunity to have their items included in our catalog as consignors.

So, our catalog in the first few years grew with educational materials for the kindergartner up to the high school senior. Then, we had the incredible opportunity to consign books and textbooks for the more advanced years of education, which are traditionally beyond the homeschooling years (although your high school students may benefit from the choices we have in our college-and-beyond and professional collections).

Because we’re focused on education, our online catalog is organized with the educator in mind. You can shop our catalog by format or department (such as Books or Textbooks), by grade, or by school subject. You can also execute a search which will produce a results list that doesn’t limit the choices based on department, grade, or subject, but spans the entire catalog’s offerings.

You’ll find the catalog search in the upper right corner and the “Shop by” options in the gray navigation bar. These features are present on the vast majority of the website’s pages.

Navigation Bar

The small triangles next to each of the “Shop by” menu selections indicate that there are drop-down menu choices that will enable you to refine your shopping criteria.

If you enjoy the browsing experience, you can select the Our Catalog option that will give you a departmental overview of our catalog from which you may make your selections.

Navigation Bar

In order to assist you further in making your decisions, we’ve provide detailed descriptions of both the condition and content of each and every item in our catalog. If you have questions about the product, a link to contact us is on all the product pages.

Another Turn Used Books Has a Blog Archive and Dedicated Special Pages

In addition to our online catalog, we have a blog archive. Obviously, this very article is part of the blog archive, but you might have just learned about us and would like to see what else we’ve written about over the years. So, you can access the blog archive several different ways.

Please note the navigation column on the right side of this webpage. This navigation column appears whenever you are reading an article in the blog, as well as on some of our special pages (see About Us, which is a special, permanent page on the website).

We have grouped our blog articles into categories. Some of our articles belong to multiple categories.

Please note that we have another search window in this navigation column. This one includes the blog archive and special pages in its search results. The catalog search at the top right corner of the page is limited to the catalog, which is our more popular search.

Having the two searches helps you keep your search results refined by the two major functions of our website: to provide support to educators through our blog articles and to offer gently-used educational materials at a reduced price to the students through our online catalog.

The navigation column also lists the last three articles published and provides a link to the Blog Article Archive main page, which offers a great overview of both our blog articles and our permanent special pages, which are presented in alphabetical order.

At the bottom of the navigation column is a list of the most popular tags given to our blog articles. These tags help to narrow down the article contents and subjects even further.

The special pages and the blog are also accessible from the navigation bars at the top of each page. Of special interest to those planning their school year, may we direct your attention to the Educational Resources page that offers some of the downloadable worksheets we developed during our homeschooling years.

Navigation Blog and Special Pages

If you’re interested in getting notification when we publish an article, you are welcome to subscribe to our blog feed. Once you provide your email address and confirmation through the “Free E-Mail Updates” box at the top of the navigation column, you’ll receive an email with the content of the article soon after we hit the “publish” button.

Another Turn Used Books Offers Personalized Service

We’ve published our phone number and have also provided a secure contact form so that you can get in touch with us. We moderate the comments coming in against our most recent blog articles to prevent spamming, so you don’t have to wade through extraneous comments to utilize this tool to converse with other educators and students.

If you are searching for a specific item that you don’t see in our catalog, please send us a note and we’ll see if we can locate the item for you. It doesn’t hurt to ask!

Another Turn Used Books Is Here to Help

We’re here to help you complete your lesson plans by providing detailed descriptions of each item in our catalog to aid in your curricular decisions, by designing our website with the educator in mind, and by publishing articles about subjects of interest to educators. And best of all, we’re here to serve you all year long.

About ATUB

Another Turn Used Books specializes in gently-used books, textbooks, educational magazines, and educational toys and aids for the benefit of avid readers, homeschoolers, educators, and students. Our online bookstore is built through consignment. We also offer several fund-raising options for non-profit organizations.

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