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K.D. McCrite

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    Annie's Quilted Mysteries (Hardcover, Dust Jacket, 12-Book Set)


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    Join Emma Cotton, Kelly Grace, and the members of the Nimble Thumbs quilting group in the quaint town of Mystic Harbor, Massachusetts, as they piece together new clues found in an old quilt that could help solve the mystery surrounding the death of their dear friend Rose fifteen years ago

  • Annie's Attic Mysteries #13: The Unfinished Sonata  (HC, DJ)

    Annie's Attic Mysteries #13: The Unfinished Sonata (HC, DJ)


    Fundraiser Item

    First love. No matter where you go or who you marry your first love stays with you in your memories no matter how hard you try to forget. For Annie Dawson that was Grady Brooks. But why after all these years is he trying to contact her now?

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