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From the publisher, Springer: “Universitext is a series of textbooks that presents material from a wide variety of mathematical disciplines at master’s level and beyond. The books, often well class-tested by their author, may have an informal, personal even experimental approach to their subject matter. Some of the most successful and established books in the series have evolved through several editions, always following the evolution of teaching curricula, to very polished texts.

“Thus as research topics trickle down into graduate-level teaching, first textbooks written for new, cutting-edge courses may make their way into Universitext.” There are over 350 titles in this series.

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  • Universitext: Geometry of Surfaces (Softcover)

    Universitext: Geometry of Surfaces (Softcover)


    "Geometry of Surfaces explores the interplay between geometry and topology in the simplest nontrivial case: the surfaces of constant curvature. As such, it provides a concise introduction to modern geometry for a wide audience." — From the back cover

  • Universitext: The Calculus of Variations (Hardback)

    Universitext: The Calculus of Variations (Hardback)


    "This book is an introductory account of the calculus of variations suitable for advanced undergraduate and graduate students of mathematics, physics, or engineering. The mathematical background assumed of the reader is a course in multivariable calculus, and some familiarity with the elements of real analysis and ordinary differential equations." — From the back cover

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