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Textbooks Up Through High School

Textbooks is a catch-all term used here for any type of book that is specifically designed for education. The category includes teacher guides, workbooks, activity guides, unit studies, and traditional classroom textbooks.

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  • God\'s Story and Me (Paperback)

    God's Story and Me (Paperback)


    "Presents daily devotional readings and prayers arranged by weekly themes covering such topics as unfailing love, forgiveness, patience, and God's promises." — Library of Congress

  • The Greenleaf Guide to Old Testament History (Paperback)

    The Greenleaf Guide to Old Testament History (Paperback)


    "This book was written to guide parents in introducing the history of Israel to their children. It is our conviction that children should be acquainted with the Bible as early as is practical. We are convinced that the stories from the Old Testament are given to us to teach us and our children important lessons about godliness and wisdom." — Rob and Cyndy Shearer, Authors

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