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Statistics and Computing Series from Springer

From the publisher: “Statistics and Computing (SC) includes monographs and advanced texts on statistical computing and statistical packages.” There are approximately 40 titles in this series.

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  • S Programming (Hardback)

    S Programming (Hardback)


    "S is a high-level language for manipulating, analysing, and displaying data. It forms the basis of two highly acclaimed and widely used data analysis software systems, the commercial S-PLUS® and the Open Source R. This book provides an in-depth guide to writing software in the S language under either or both of those systems." — From the back cover

  • Statistics and Computing: Software for Data Analysis: Programming with R (Hardback)

    Software for Data Analysis: Programming with R (Hardback)


    "This book is aimed at those who need to select, modify, and create software to explore data. In a word, programming. Our programming will center on the R system. R is an open-source software project widely used for computing with data and giving users a huge base of techniques. Hence, Programming with R." — From the Preface

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