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Items in the Educational Magazines category include those magazines that are both educational and timeless. They provide in-depth information about a specific subject in Science, History, or Social Studies. These magazines make great foundations for unit studies, and in many cases, the publisher websites have companion educational materials.

If you use the Ages feature in the sidebar, be aware that an item will sort to its lowest age or grade level within the Educational Magazines category.

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  • Kids Discover Magazine: Pacific Rim (Paperback) [MC]

    Kids Discover Magazine: Pacific Rim (Paperback) [MC]


    "The Pacific Rim region is made up of places that touch the coastline of the Pacific Ocean. The eastern, or American, side of the rim touches such places as Canada, the U.S., and Chile. On the western, or Asian, side of the rim are such places as Japan, Thailand, and Singapore. ... While finding the Pacific Rim is easy, exploring it can be tricky." — from "Where in the World Is the Pacific Rim?" (page 2)

  • Kids Discover Magazine: Oil (Paperback)

    Kids Discover Magazine: Oil (Paperback)


    "Without oil, in its many forms, life today would be far different from the way we know it." — from "Oil, Oil, Everywhere" (page 2)

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    Kids Discover Magazine: Earth (Paperback)


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    "Spread out a map of the world. What you see on it depends on the kind of map you have...The variety of features is so great that one map just can't handle them all."—from Our Planet (page 2) The section also asks the question "Is Earth perfectly round?" The answer is on the back cover.

  • Kids Discover Magazine: Ice Age (Paperback)

    Kids Discover Magazine: Ice Age (Paperback) [MC]


    "Imagine you are living some 20,000 years ago. You are huddled in a dark cave, covered by reindeer or bison skins. As you peak out at the icy surroundings, you worry that you might have to share your shelter with a cave lion or cave bear."—from Brrrr! (page 2) Learn about the creatures that roamed the world during this time of extreme cold and how man survived. Find out which was the coldest century since the big Ice Age.

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