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Items in the Books category might be assigned on reading lists, but are not in and of themselves “educational.” Here you’ll find biographies, fiction, non-fiction, children’s books, and other such publications.

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  • The Arden Shakespeare: King Richard III (Paperback)

    The Arden Shakespeare: King Richard III (Paperback)


    "A horse! A horse! My kingdom for a horse!" — King Richard III, Act V, Scene IV

  • The Taming of the Shrew (Paperback) + CliffsNotes

    The Taming of the Shrew (Paperback) + CliffsNotes


    "...The Taming of the Shrew has been persistently popular since Shakespeare's day, for it is a boisterous and amusing farce on a theme that has entertained both men and women since the beginning of time: the conflict between the sexes and the comic situations that this eternal warfare begets." — From "War of the Sexes" (page viii)

  • The Tempest (Paperback) + CliffsNotes

    The Tempest (Paperback) + CliffsNotes


    "The Tempest was the last entire play that Shakespeare wrote before he left London to lead the life of a man of property in Stratford." — From "Island of Magic" (page vii)

  • Romeo and Juliet (Paperback) + CliffsNotes

    Romeo and Juliet (Paperback) + CliffsNotes


    "Shakespeare achieved a new success in Romeo and Juliet, which was immediately popular on its first appearance; from that day to this it has been seen constantly in the theatre, though not always in the precise form in which Shakespeare wrote it." — From "The Popularity of the Play" (page xiii)

  • Antony and Cleopatra (Paperback) + CliffsNotes

    Antony and Cleopatra (Paperback) + CliffsNotes


    "In Antony and Cleopatra Shakespeare put behind him idyllic love, which he had treated more than a dozen years before in Romeo and Juliet, and turned his attention to the consuming passion of two characters who had already run the gamut of human emotion." — From "Egyptian Enchantress" (page ix)

  • Shakespeare\'s Sonnets (Paperback)

    Shakespeare's Sonnets (Paperback)


    All 154 sonnets written by William Shakespeare are contained in this Folger Library Collection edition.

  • Shakespeare: Four Tragedies (Paperback)

    Shakespeare: Four Tragedies (Paperback)


    "The four tragedies in this volume are linked in a number of thematic ways. They all confront the nature of evil, as Shakespeare's classical tragedies generally do not. Human failure is often measured in terms of good and evil." — David Bevington, Editor

  • Signet Classic Shakespeare: Four Great Comedies (Paperback

    Signet Classic Shakespeare: Four Great Comedies (Paperback)


    "'Comedies,' as one of Shakespeare's contemporaries wrote, 'begin in trouble and end in peace.' This is certainly true of the four masterworks selected for this collection." — From the back cover

  • The New Penguin Shakespeare: Henry V (Paperback)

    The New Penguin Shakespeare: Henry V (Paperback)


    "The popularity of the subject hardly needs explaining. Not only did Henry's reign stand out to later generations by contrast with the preceding troubles of Richard II and Henry IV, and the succeeding disasters of Henry VI, but Henry's almost miraculous conversion from wild youth to ideal king was an article of faith going back to chronicles contemporary with Henry himself. The king reborn from evil to good, and leading a heroic campaign to a famous victory, was irresistibly attractive." — A. R. Humphreys, Editor, in the Introduction

  • Shakespeare: Richard II (Paperback)

    Shakespeare: Richard II (Paperback)


    "Although Shakespeare lived and wrote hundreds of years ago, his name rolls off my tongue as if he were my brother. As a producer and director, I feel that there is a professional relationship between us that spans the centuries. As a human being, I feel that Shakespeare has enriched my understanding of life immeasurably. I hope you'll let him do the same for you." — Joseph Papp in the Foreword

  • The Complete Works of William Shakespeare

    The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Hardback)


    "Not marble, nor the gilded monuments / Of princes shall outlive this powerful rhyme." — William Shakespeare, "Sonnet 55"

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