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Items in the Books category might be assigned on reading lists, but are not in and of themselves “educational.” Here you’ll find biographies, fiction, non-fiction, children’s books, and other such publications.

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  • The Great Commanders: Bradley: A Soldier's Story (Hardback)

    The Great Commanders: Bradley: A Soldier's Story (Hardback)


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    "To those soldiers who must often have wondered WHY they are going where they did. Perhaps this will help answer their questions." — Omar N. Bradley, Author, in the Dedication

  • The Timechart of Military History (Hardback)

    The Timechart of Military History (Hardback)


    "Whether you are fascinated by the period from Sargon to Schwarzkopf, from Wallenstein to Waterloo, you will find something of interest in this fascinating timechart. At the very least, this book will help the reader to put any given conflict in the wider context of history and to put a clear perspective on our own relatively peaceful times, long may they last." — David G. Chandler in the Foreword

  • Battle Ready (Hardback)

    Battle Ready (Hardback)


    "It is an eye-opening book—a front-row seat to a man, an institution, and a way of war and of peace that together make this an instant classic of military history."—From the Dust Jacket

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