Important Customer Info

Another Turn Used Books Is Open for Business

Another Turn Used Books welcomes you.

Our desire is to provide quality, personalized customer service while specializing in a rich assortment of gently-used books, textbooks, and educational toys and aids for the benefit of avid readers, homeschoolers, teachers, and students.

Privacy Policy

Your name and contact information are kept private and are used only for communication between you and Another Turn Used Books. We also keep consignor information private. However, non-profit consignors have the option to reveal their names in their dedicated pages of the catalog.

Credit Card Security

We do not store credit card information on our website. Instead, purchases are handled by PayPal on their secure servers. PayPal accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and PayPal.

Shopping in Our Store

Questions Before Purchase

In order to produce the images of the items in our catalog, we first attempt to scan the covers. In cases when scanning an item is not the best option, we’ll attempt to photograph it, but we’ve had varying degrees of success with that method.

This service is provided so that you know what the items look like and what condition they’re in as we currently have them. Even so, we know that more information may be needed before you make your purchase decision.

If you’ve got questions, please contact us. Our service to the customer covers pre-purchase time as well, and we hope that you’ll be satisfied every step of the way toward your purchase and beyond.

Condition Ratings

For the sake of consistency across the Internet, we’ve adapted the condition guidelines set forth by, which include “New,” “Like New,” “Very Good,” “Good,” and “Acceptable” descriptors. We’ve reviewed all the items personally so that the ratings you see in our catalog are as uniform as possible.

We may have ex-library books in our catalog. In most cases, the library has marked them in some way, including covering them in a clear plastic cover, stamping the pages, attaching security strips, and labeling their spines with shelving codes. In order to avoid the risk of damage, we do not attempt to remove any of these markings. An ex-library book is identified as such in the condition section of its product page.

You may notice that some of our books have remainder marks. A remainder mark, most often a black marker line or dot, is placed on the page edges to indicate that the book was remaining on the shelf when the bookseller removed it from their inventory to send to a distributor for resell, usually at a reduced price. Some booksellers mark only the bottom edge, in which case the mark cannot be seen when the book is shelved. However, some booksellers mark all three sides. In most cases, a remaindered book is in very good to excellent condition and if so, carries a conservative price below its original price.

Although our focus is to find a new home for gently-used items, we may on occasion have brand new items in our catalog. These items will carry the “New” condition rating.

International Restrictions

Sales are currently limited to the following:

  • United States
  • US Armed Forces
  • Puerto Rico
  • Virgin Islands
  • Canada
  • United Kingdom

Some of our products have restricted delivery destinations. You’ll see these restrictions explained in the specific product’s detail page. For example, certain publishers have stated that their books are not to be sold in Canada. Electronic items are not sold to international markets. Our website uses geo-location technology to fashion the online catalog according to the shopper’s location, so shoppers in Canada and the UK will see messages meant just for them while viewing the product details for these few restricted items.

All prices in our catalog are in US dollars (USD). PayPal converts currencies for us at the time of payment through their secure server.

Shipping and Handling Charges

Orders are processed within two days of notification by PayPal. Each order has a $1.50 non-refundable handling fee. Items that ship separately may also carry additional handling fees.

We currently offer two types of shipping, both of which include delivery confirmation and additional insurance, where applicable. Our shipping prices are updated to correspond with the carrier’s rate changes.

Delivery times are estimated for purchases made in the United States; we cannot quantitatively state the time it will take deliveries outside the United States.

United States, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, US Armed Forces

USPS Media Mail: USPS Media Mail is the least expensive, yet the slowest. Delivery could be up to 11 days or more, depending on distance. Media Mail rates are better suited toward orders that weigh 1 pound or more. The USPS restricts the types of items sent via Media Mail (See USPS: Content Standards for Media Mail). Although the majority of our items qualify for Media Mail, please note that some items, such as those found in our Educational Toys and Educational Aids departments, may not qualify, so the final method of shipping will be at our discretion (usually USPS Priority Mail).

USPS First Class/Priority: This shipping method corresponds to USPS First Class (up to 13 ounces) and USPS Priority Mail (for packages weighing more than 13 ounces). Delivery could be from 3 to 5 days or more, depending on distance.

Canada and UK

USPS First Class/Priority: For packages that weigh four (4) pounds or less, this method corresponds to the affordable USPS First-Class Package International Service (delivery times vary). Packages that weigh more than four (4) pounds are shipped via USPS Priority Mail International, which takes approximately 6-10 days for delivery.

USPS Priority: This shipping method corresponds to USPS Priority Mail International. Delivery could be from 6 to 10 days or more, depending on distance.

Pennsylvania Sales Tax

It is required by law for us to collect sales tax from customers inside the state of Pennsylvania. State-wide, this tax rate is currently at 6% on all taxable items. Furthermore, we are required by law to charge sales tax on the shipping and handling costs.

Allegheny and Philadelphia counties have additional local sales taxes, which we have currently chosen not to charge. Residents of these counties should refer to 61 PA. CODE § 60.16, wherein it states, “Vendors may voluntarily collect the local tax to relieve purchasers of the responsibility to report Use Tax.”

Using PayPal’s eCheck Option to Make Non-Credit-Card Purchases (Delayed Shipment)

PayPal gives shoppers the choice to not use a credit card, but instead make payment through their checking accounts, similar to writing a check. PayPal makes a direct request to withdraw the money from your bank account and must wait for the bank to clear the electronic transaction. Once PayPal has been given the permission to withdraw the funds, the transaction is completed and we’ll ship the order. All orders are held until payment has cleared.

Combining Orders

If you make multiple orders within a short period of time on the same day, we may be able to save some of your shipping costs by combining the orders and shipping them together. This can only be done before we ship the initial order, obviously. We’ll notify you if we’re able to combine the orders and save on shipping, which may mean that you’ll get a reimbursement through PayPal.

Return Policy

We make every effort to present you with accurate condition information for each item in our catalog and to carefully pack your order to improve its chances of arriving in the stated condition. If you believe that we were inaccurate with our condition ratings or have decided that the items are something you can’t use, you may return them within 14 days after receipt has been confirmed by the carrier (USPS or UPS). You’ll receive the purchase price excluding shipping and handling for these returned items. If more than 14 days have passed and you still wish to return the items, please consider consigning them back to us as your property and we’ll place them back into our catalog with you as the consignor (requires a consignment contract).

Advertising Disclosure

Our Virtual Mall generates a small income from referrals. If you choose to purchase from one of our advertisers through our advertiser links, we’ll receive a small commission for publishing those advertising links on our website.

We hope these recommendations will be of benefit to you. You are under no obligation to buy them from our recommended websites, but if you do, please be aware that the sale and customer service are provided by these websites, not by Another Turn Used Books.

Additionally, we’ll identify an affiliate link with the word “affiliate” to let you know that the link is to one of our affiliates.