Consignor Updates Shop to Include More Science Texts

What’s New in Consignor 2’s Shop

Our Consignor has added some more books to the online catalog! The majority of these new items are related to the sciences and make valuable references. If you’re homeschooling, you might be interested in using these volumes as a foundation for your science curriculum.

The following types of texts have been added to this Consignor’s shop:

  • Eyewitness Books
  • World Book Encyclopedia of Science
  • The Volume Library
  • Greek Tragedy
  • Adaptation of Dramatic Play
  • Biography

Once a consignor opens an account with us, he or she may add to their shop simply by filling out a new contract form for the added items. Read more about our consignment plans for individuals on our Consigning with Us page.

Consignor’s Catalog Shows Latest Additions First

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  • Benjamin Franklin: Inventor, Statesman, and Patriot (Hardback)

    Benjamin Franklin: Inventor, Statesman, and Patriot (Hardback)


    "Benjamin Franklin was America's first—and perhaps only—'universal man.'" — Back Cover

  • Eyewitness Books: Shell (Hardback)

    Eyewitness Books: Shell (Hardback)


    "Discover the world of shells and shelled animals in close-up—their habitats, behavior, and natural history." — Front Cover

  • Eyewitness Books: Pond & River (Hardback)

    Eyewitness Books: Pond & River (Hardback)


    "Discover in close-up the ecology of the plants and animals that make freshwater habitats their home." — Front Cover

  • Eyewitness Books: Butterfly & Moth (Hardback)

    Eyewitness Books: Butterfly & Moth (Hardback)


    "Discover the world of butterflies and moths in close-up—their structure, behavior, habitats, and secret life." — Front Cover

  • Eyewitness Books: Tree (Hardback)

    Eyewitness Books: Tree (Hardback)


    "Discover the life of a tree in close-up—from tiny seed to forest giant to woody skeleton." — Front Cover

  • Eyewitness Books: Plant (Hardback)

    Eyewitness Books: Plant (Hardback)


    "Discover the world of plants in close-up—their structure, natural history, and importance in human life." — Front Cover

  • The Volume Library - Book 1

    The Volume Library (2-Volume Hardback Set)


    "The Volume Library, which is revised and updated annually, was designed for interested, well-informed people—students and adults who need an authoritative reference book for their home book-shelves, and parents who want to keep abreast of the subjects their children are studying in school."—Preface

  • Antigone (Unabridged Paperback)

    Antigone (Unabridged Paperback)


    The story of the sons of Oedipus, their sister, their uncle and the revenge of the Greek gods. One of Sophocles' best.

  • Hedda Gabler (Unabridged Paperback)

    Hedda Gabler (Unabridged Paperback)


    "A masterpiece of modern theater, Hedda Gabler is a dark psychological drama whose powerful and reckless heroine has tested the mettle of leading actresses of every generation since its first publication in Norway in 1890." — From the Back Cover

  • Communications Systems: An Introduction to Signals and Noise in Electrical Communication (Hardback)

    Communications Systems: An Introduction to Signals and Noise in Electrical Communication (Hardback)


    "[T]his text is an introduction to electrical communication systems written at a level appropriate for advanced undergraduates and first-year graduate students of electrical engineering." — A. Bruce Carlson, Author

  • Reliability Engineering (Hardback)

    Reliability Engineering (Hardback)


    "Recent recognition of reliability and maintainability as vital factors in the development, production, operation, and maintenance of today's complex commercial, military, and space systems has placed greater emphasis on the training of management, engineering, procurement, and administrative personnel in the application of these concepts." — Dust Jacket

  • Introductory Signals & Circuits, First Edition (Hardback)

    Introductory Signals & Circuits (Hardback)


    "This book is intended to provide foundation concepts which are believed to have lasting significance and broad implications." — J.B. Cruz, Jr. and M.E. Van Valkenburg, Authors, 1967

  • Introduction to Integrated Circuits (Hardback)

    Introduction to Integrated Circuits (Hardback)


    "In this text we intend to introduce the main concepts that are needed to understand the operation of existing integrated circuits and their applications in basic information-processing circuits. Our concentration on integrated circuits (ICs) is justified by the fact that they are used wherever it is feasible to do so in modern electronic systems" — Victor H. Grinich and Horace G. Jackson, Authors

  • Elementary Linear Algebra (Hardback)

    Elementary Linear Algebra (Hardback)


    "The text is designed to introduce some of the basic concepts and techniques of linear algebra and to make them accessible to freshmen and sophomores, many of whom are not mathematics majors." — Paul C. Shields, Author, 1967

  • Design of Real Time Computer Systems (Hardback)

    Design of Real Time Computer Systems (Hardback)


    "I recommend this as a reference book for just about any person in the computer field." — ACM Computing Reviews, 1967

  • Electric Networks: Functions, Filters, Analysis (Hardback)

    Electric Networks: Functions, Filters, Analysis (Hardback)


    "In this selection we considered the network theory background we would like to see in the students in our graduate courses and in the young, recently graduated engineers we may hire in industry." — Henry Ruston and Joseph Bordogna, Authors

  • Systems Programming (Hardback)

    Systems Programming (Hardback)


    "In this book we address ourselves to the full spectrum of systems programming endeavors, including the use and implementation of assemblers, macros, loaders, compilers, and operating systems." — Preface, 1972

  • Electronic Processes in Materials (Hardback)

    Electronic Processes in Materials (Hardback)


    "This textbook presupposes a familiarity with the elements of chemistry, physics, and calculus." — Preface

  • Electronic Components and Measurements (Hardback)

    Electronic Components and Measurements (Hardback)


    "The purpose of this text is to provide the student with familiarity with basic electronic components and sufficient understanding of modern measurement equipment and techniques that he may intelligently undertake experimental investigations." — Preface, 1969

  • Electronic Circuits: Discrete and Integrated (Hardback)

    Electronic Circuits: Discrete and Integrated (Hardback)


    "The title of this text, Electronic Circuits: Discrete and Integrated, indicates that it will cover one particular facet of that tremendous field of endeavor known somewhat loosely today as electronics. ... Radio, television, computers, satellite communication systems, and automatic navigation systems are but a few types of electronic systems." — Introduction

  • Performance Analysis of Local Computer Networks (Hardback)

    Performance Analysis of Local Computer Networks (Hardback)


    "This is the first book to present a unified and self-contained treatment of local networks from the perspective of performance analysis. The performance models discussed are developed in as elementary a manner as possible, often using a heuristic rather than a rigorous approach." — About the Book, Dust Jacket

  • Statics (Hardback + Supplemental Problems Booklet)

    Statics (Hardback + Supplemental Problems Booklet)


    "The challenge and responsibility of modern engineering practice demand a high level of creative activity which, in turn, requires the support of strong analytical capability. The subject of engineering mechanics, which includes statics and dynamics, constitutes one of the cornerstones of analytical capability, and all engineers should have a basic background in this field of study." — J. L. Meriam, Author

  • An Elementary Guide to Reliability, Second Edition (Paperback)

    An Elementary Guide to Reliability, Second Edition (Paperback)


    "The aim of this second edition is essentially the same as the first: to explain in simple largely non-technical language what is meant by reliability and the various factors which make a piece of equipment reliable." — Back Cover

  • Modern Trigonometry: An Analytic Approach to Plane and Spherical Trigonometry with Illustrations, Problems, and Answers (Paperback)

    Modern Trigonometry: An Analytic Approach to Plane and Spherical Trigonometry with Illustrations, Problems, and Answers (Paperback)


    "As a review, or a complete course in itself, this book is a rigorous presentation of that part of mathematical investigations which is performed by means of the trigonometric functions." — Back Cover

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