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Our Facebook Page Has a New Look!

Facebook Front Page for Another Turn Used Books

We just hit the “save” button to make our Facebook page more vibrant and functional by switching to their new Timeline format!

With this new format, we’re able to tie in our dark red, gray, and white color scheme to reflect more of our own brand identity.

Facebook has provided “tabs” for us to fill in with customized content, so we’ve built what we refer to as “mini-sites.” Currently, we have three mini-sites displayed in three of these tabs, and each has the potential for growth.

The majority of the links in our mini-sites take you to our main website or other websites through a new browser tab or window. This way, you can read complete articles or product details and make your purchases.


Welcome to Another Turn Used BooksThe “Welcome” tab opens the door to reveal the reasons why we built our website and business and what we hope to accomplish. Facebook visitors can see the entirety of our online catalog by department (Books, Textbooks, Educational Toys, Educational Aids, Music, and Videos), review the different plans for consignment and fundraising we have for individuals and non-profit organizations, and skim over the titles of our homeschooling articles, as well as get our brief homeschooling story.

We’ve also placed a contact form that sends an e-mail directly to us. Ask questions or offer suggestions for blog articles. We’re all ears!

“Featured Products”

Featured Products - Another Turn Used BooksThe “Featured Products” tab highlights small collections of items that might be of interest to you. Basically, it’s showing our catalog based on subject, rather than based on department. Some of these featured product lines have a corresponding blog article, but most are based on what visitors to our site are looking for with their search keywords.

“Kids Discover Magazine: Back Issues”

Kids Discover Back Issues - Another Turn Used BooksThe “Kids Discover” tab lists all of the back issues of this popular, ad-free magazine. We used this magazine extensively during our homeschooling years because they make great foundations for unit studies. You can read more about these magazines in our feature article “Using Kids Discover Magazine Issues for Unit Studies.”

How You Can Help Us to Improve Our Facebook Page

Tell Us What You Want to See

We’ve got lots of room for growth on our Facebook page, so we’re interested in your ideas and suggestions on how to make the page even more vibrant, inviting, and useful.

Help Us Reach the “Like” Goal

We have chosen not to force a “like” on our Facebook page to reveal our catalog and services. This means that all of our content is available to those who “like” us and to those who don’t. We’ve done this as a service, especially for our consignors, by giving Facebook readers unhindered access to our complete catalog.

Facebook requires 30 likes before we can get a more meaningful web address for our Timeline page, what some may call a “pretty URL” or “vanity URL” because it isn’t cluttered with a bunch of numbers, but uses the business name solely. In addition to being easier to remember, the shorter URL fits much better on our business card and other printed materials. “Liking” us also helps to get the word out about our services, which improves both our presence on the World Wide Web and our potential to serve a larger audience.

As always, “liking” us is not a requirement for you to enjoy what our Facebook page offers, but we certainly would appreciate your help in reaching our “like” goal.

About ATUB

Another Turn Used Books specializes in gently-used books, textbooks, educational magazines, and educational toys and aids for the benefit of avid readers, homeschoolers, educators, and students. Our online bookstore is built through consignment. We also offer several fund-raising options for non-profit organizations.

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