Today in History: Neil Armstrong Makes Giant Leap for Mankind

That’s one small step for a man — one giant leap for mankind.

— Neil Armstrong, First Man to Set Foot on the Moon

July 20, 1969: American Astronaut Neil Armstrong was the first person to set foot on the moon. Were you watching the event on television that day, as so many around the world were doing? Do you remember the great relief you felt when you saw that he was okay when he started walking around on the moon’s powdery surface? How about the tremendous pride you felt for all of those who worked to get Apollo 11 there?

Most of the youth of those days are now mature adults, and it can be hard sometimes to relate to our young children the significance of this event, especially when they carry in their smartphones more computing power than what was aboard the spacecrafts of that time. We have a few books written for a young audience in our catalog listed below that might help in teaching about the space race and space exploration from its early years.

If you have books about the space program from its early years to now that you’d like to see listed, please contact us about becoming a consignor or donating items for one of our fundraisers.

Featured Book on Apollo 11

Cornerstones of Freedom: The Story of The Moon Landing  (Hardback)

Cornerstones of Freedom: The Story of The Moon Landing (Hardback)

Author: Stein, R. Conrad    ISBN-13: N/A    ISBN-10: 051606651X   

"That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind." — Astronaut Neil Armstrong, first man to set foot on the moon

Space Program Mini-Catalog

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