Featured Series: Mathematica GuideBooks by Michael Trott

What is Mathematica®?

Mathematica is today’s most advanced technical computing system,” explains Springer, the publisher of this series of four GuideBooks that were written by Michael Trott. “It features a rich programming environment, two- and three-dimensional graphics capabilities and hundreds of sophisticated, powerful programming and mathematical functions using state-of-the-art algorithms. Combined with a user-friendly interface, and a complete mathematical typesetting system, Mathematica offers intuitive, easy-to-handle environment of great power and utility.”

About the Author, Michael Troth, Ph.D.

Springer also introduces the author of the four volumes: “Michael Trott is a symbolic computation and computer graphics expert. He holds a Ph.D. in theoretical physics and joined the R&D team at Wolfram Research in 1994, the creators of Mathematica. Since 1998, he has been leading the development of the Wolfram Functions Site http://functions.wolfram.com, which currently features more than 80,000 formulas and identities, and thousands of visualizations.”

Who Uses Mathematica?

Mathematica‘s users include applied mathematicians, computer programmers, visual mathematicians, and physicists. Undergraduate and graduate students, as well as professionals, may benefit from the GuideBooks’ breadth of covered topics, which has been described as “staggering,” by Andrew Glassner, Founder, Coyote Wind Studies LLC. He also added, “Trott wields the Mathematica language with elegance and confidence.”

The main focus of the books is “to show how to solve scientific problems with Mathematica,” and each book addresses “one of the four ingredients to solve nontrivial and real-life mathematically formulated problems: programming, visualization, numerics, and symbolics.” Each volume is well over 1000 pages and comes with a DVD-ROM with supporting materials (where stated). Trott suggests you begin with the Programming volume to first get familiar with Mathematica and then delve into its other capabilities with one or all of the other volumes.

The Mathematica GuideBooks Series in Our Catalog

Below are our current offerings of the Mathematica GuideBooks series. We also have several other books that feature the use of Mathematica, in case you’d like to explore the programming environment and its applications further.


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